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Dr. Eric Duncan at The Wellness Doc of Birmingham has noticed an increase in stress-related health issues. Global pandemics, isolation from quarantine, financial problems, bad marriages, work schedules all create a pattern of chronic stress. If left unchecked, this stress leads to health issues like depression, anxiety, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, and more. 

According to Dr. Duncan, “The problem is that most people either don’t make the connection between stress and health issues, or they just think its normal to feel lousy everyday. Stress has a way of flying under the radar unless you’re really paying attention.” Dr. Duncan surveyed his patients and noticed that many were feeling worse than they were before COVID, and had developed new symptoms like sleep issues, digestive problems, fatigue, and mood changes. The problem seems to be affecting women in particular, especially if they are working on top of having to manage kids and household chores. Theres comes a tipping point where stress starts to break down your health.

Dr. Duncan noticed that no one was really addressing these issues in (city). As a solution, he started implementing a simple lab test that shows how resilient your body is in coping with stress. According to Dr. Duncan, “many of our patients’ stress hormones were seriously out of balance.” While there is no quick fix to make stress magically disappear, Dr. Duncan and his team have developed a unique program to help their patients combat stress. “It’s all about hormonal rhythm.” Dr. Duncan explains. By helping to restore normal hormonal rhythm, and following some daily stress resilience habits, Dr. Duncan is noticing that his patient’s symptoms are improving.

If you feel like stress may be getting the better of you and you may want to check out Dr. Duncan at (The Wellness Doc of Birmingham) to learn more about their approach to better health and stress resiliency.

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